Gravel for everyone!

A lot of gravel an unique landscapes, a formula whit no impact on the environment, attention to beauty and a lot of fun are the ingredient of the “Clandestina di Colfiorito”.

The routes:

87 km and 1700 m of drop  to be discovered

Download the GPX file

The route is easy to pedal on and allows you to enjoy the event.

The climbings are for sure not for beginners as the length, but to maintained the graveller spirit, all the difficulties have been avoid. To leave space at the traveling experience.

The many water sources that you’ll meet along the way, make it easier to bear the fatigue even in a particularly hot day and there are even lots of restoring points.

A great attention is then given to the use of every possible path away from the streets, even if these are almost free from traffic.

The result is thrilling! You’ll have the sensation of complete freedom in a unique friendly environment.


46 km and 900 mt of drop not less charming.

Download the GPX file

Easy for everyone, it will allows you to discover the seven highlands and will be full of surprises. Characterized by a hilly landscapes, the route will offer you a panoramic view over the highlands that form the Regional Park of Colfiorito.

All the featuring of the route, have been here concentrate to let you fully enjoy the day you’ll spend with us.