Travel with Gravel

A unique event! Unmissable! Come to “surf” on the Apennines between Umbria and Marche along the roads of “La Clandestina di Colfiorito”! A wonerful adventure, intense and thrilling. If you love bikes, you’ll be enchanted by a magical route. Join the race now!

 Towards Arvello

Beauty can be learned

There is no competition if not enjoying the Beauty. Strong muscle to travel in charming places will not be enough to win, you’ll must have eyes and heart to win the best picture!

 Colfiorito Marshes


You will cycle along four valleys and climb up on three mountains in the heart of the Apennines. You will have your own passport but at every check point the mark will always be “rejected” until the arrival where you will get “approved”.

Nearby Collecroce

Welcome to the Clandestina di Colfiorito

Welcome in the “graveller” world.

The most ancient way to ride a bike; when gravel was better than the roads on which the champions use to race. The style of freedom, of travel, of fantasy, of adventure… the style of Clandestina di Colfiorito



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la clandestina di colfiorito